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SBI PO Exam 2015 Descriptive English Introduction

Descriptive writing is characterised by sensory details, which appeal to the physical senses, and details that appeal to a reader’s emotional, physical, or intellectual sensibilities. Determining the purpose, considering the audience, creating a dominant impression, using descriptive language, and organizing the description are the rhetorical choices to be considered when using a description.

The Different Types of Writing in English are
• Narrative writing
• Expository writing
• Descriptive writing
• Persuasive writing
• Imaginative Writing

A good description paints a vivid picture, meaning one that conveys an effective impression or feeling about the subject (person, place, action, or object) and makes it come to life in the reader’s imagination.
When describing something, it’s important to remember that you are, on the one hand, presenting certain facts while, on the other hand, sharing your personal opinions, feeling, and impressions regarding the subject.
Communicating the bare facts is called objective description, and communicating personal feelings and impressions is called subjective description.

Descriptive English Paper SBI PO
Descriptive Papers of only those candidates who secure minimum qualifying marks in each of the Objective Tests. It implies that Descriptive Paper has been made an integral part of the Written Examination and its marks perhaps be added while preparing the Score Card.
It depicts marked difference from the earlier structure and nature of the Written Examination meant for selecting personnel in the Banking Sector. Earlier, Descriptive Test was qualifying in nature and the Objective Papers of only those candidates who secured minimum qualifying marks in the Descriptive Test were evaluated. That is, if he/she did not secure minimum qualifying marks in the Descriptive Test, his/ her performances in the Objective Tests were of no use. Now, the scenario has been altered completely.

It is mentioned that Descriptive Paper will be based on English Composition comprising Essay, Precis, Letter Writing etc. State Bank of India and SBI Associates PO Exams held in the years 2010 and 2011 mainly five questions were asked and candidates were required to answer all the five questions.

The five questions were as follows :
1. Letter Writing – 150 words
2. Paragraph Writing – 150 words
3. Essay Writing – 250 words
4. Precis Writing
5. Comprehension

Writing is an art to express oneself effectively, precisely and beautifully. Writing creatively is simply a literary or artistic acumen. Writing is a skill as well as one can be trained to write effectively. Writing is meant to convey the message aptly and accurately. Succinctly, writing is not what you write, how much you write, it is rather how do you write creatively and effectively.
In the competitive exams, emphasis is put on the ability to express in the Descriptive Test Paper. The intelligence and wisdom of a person are expressed through creative writing profoundly.
Writing skillfully depends much on the habit of reading. Reading ensures that you have knowledge or ideas on which you have to write. No one who is devoid of ideas can write effectively. However, a person having feelings, thoughts an who is sensitive may develop ideas. Writing skill in a great measure lies in how best one is able to put his/her ideas on paper. Thus, in order to write effectively, a combination of factual information, thought and analytical skill are all required.

Letter Writing: Letter writing is an art as well as a technique which should be known by every educated person. Letters can be of many types and each type has a definite form but some general principles apply to all of them and these are clarity, brevity and courtesy.
Paragraph Writing : Paragraph means a distinct piece of writing to present a given topic on the basis of some detailed and necessary information so as to make the topic clear and comprehensible
Report Writing : Report writing is a technique in which you may be asked to present a first-hand description of a given imaginative situation/event or you may be asked to prepare a report on the basis of given points.
Precis Writing : A precis is a summary of given exercise in a compressed or short form. It should be expressed in as few words as possible. It should have clarity, simplicity and must include all the essential points of the given passage. The word ‘Precis’ signifies summary, sub-stance abridgement or epitome of the given passage encompassing all the ideas conveyed in the passage. Precis writing is both an art and skill for it call for not only a thorough understanding of the passage given, including its subtle nuances but is also demanding in that you must be able to express the given passage in about one-third of the length of it. Finally give a suitable title to your precis.

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Essay : The word ‘Essay’ is defined as a literary composition which treats one subject at a time. It should be simple, clear, direct and present the ideas in an orderly manner. It must be able to reveal the personal thoughts of a writer on a given subject. An essay must be a unit, i.e., developing one theme with a definite purpose. This means that while writing an essay, one must always keep eyes on the subject and the entire composition must revolve around it.
Comprehension : “Comprehension” literally means understanding or making out the real meaning of the given literary piece and then trying to draw out inferences from the same according to the given questions. First read, comprehend and pinpoint the main points and then answer the questions accordingly.

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