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Interview Questions Tips for Bank PO, Clerk, Freshers Jobs & Exams 2016

Interview Questions Jobs 2017 : Find Interview Questions Jobs and Careers Notifications, Bank Jobs India offers all the latest updates on Interview Questions Recruitment & Vacancies in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad.

Why MBA after Engineering / BTech – Interview Question with Best Answer

We had written and article on “Why Banking after Engineering” and after that a lot of our visitors requested us to write on Why MBA after Engineering / B Tech as this is another common interview question which they come across. Some other similar questions are like “Why Finance after Engineering” for “Why Banking after MBA”, […]

What is Know Your Customer (KYC) – General Banking Interview Question with Answer

For a Bank, getting to know you is not just a good banking practice, it is also a legal and regulatory requirement. KYC stands for Know Your Customer, it’s a policy that has been introduced globally and is now a standard banking practice. KYC serves an important purpose: • To Prevent Identity Theft • Financial […]

Top 5 Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers – Banking Jobs Related

Organizations realize that Customer Service is an important key to the success of business. In simple words “Customer Service” is the assistance and support provided by a business to those people who buy or use its products or services. But in the business world customer service is far more than assistance is support, it is […]

35 Common Banking Terms / Rates – Asked in Bank PO Interview (with meaning & definitions)

List of Bank Terminologies with their Meaning & Definitions – Asked in Bank PO Interview – Probationary Officer Exam consists of section General Awareness which includes the latest news updates and banking sector knowledge. A part of it consists of the current prevailing rates and various terms used in banking industry. Common Banking Terms / […]

What is the Future of Banking Sector in India – Most Common Interview Question

Evolution of Banking in India Earlier banking sector in India was only known to be a medium of deposits and loans, but since 1992, when Dr. Manmohan Singh opened the doors for Privatization, Banking sector went into huge transformation. Private sector banks entering into the economy, not only they raised competition in the market, but […]

10 Most Common Bank PO Interview Questions And Answers

Candidates who want to appear for bank PO exams generally have to go through and pass 3 rounds of process • A general screening process, • Written Test and • Subsequent round of face-to-face interview After passing the written test candidates are called for a final interview. The interviewer generally questions the candidates so as to […]

Why do you want to work at our Bank – Common Interview Question with Answer

Why do you want to join our bank? This is probably the most common and the trickiest questions asked in a bank recruitment interview. The answer may vary from candidate to candidate as different people have different reasons to join the bank. But have you ever considered what does the interviewer actually want to hear? Banking is […]

How to Reduce Credit Risk in Banks – Credit Analyst Interview Question (Entry Level)

How To Reduce Credit Risk In Banks – Credit Analyst Interview Question (Entry Level). There are various vacancies for the post of Credit Analyst, Credit Officer in various private sector Banks like Kotak Mahindra Bank, ICICI Bank, Indusdind Bank etc and one of the common interview questions asked is “How can Credit Risk be minimised […]

How To Prepare For Bank Interview PO – Common Questions Asked

Though an interview is a one time exercise but a candidate should be through with the knowledge and confident while facing the interview. Its not easy to read the mind of the person interviewing you. It sometimes creates a panic among young people. But be bold and confident to encounter any kind of question that […]

How To Reduce Cost In Banks – Common Bank Interview Question

How To Reduce Cost In Banks – Common Bank Interview Question In today’s world, high prices, weak and sluggish economies and the continuous credit crunch have put a major dampner on the banking industry globally. Many banks and financial institutions have posted huge losses, particularly in North America and Europe. Japan’s major banks have reported […]

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