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Letter Writing for SBI PO Exam 2015 with 50+ Examples & Formats (Formal & Informal)

Letter Writing is an art as well as a technique which should be known by every educated person. Sometimes, we may have to write business letters and sometimes informal letters too. It is not an ornamental possession but something serious which all literate people must know for practical reasons.

Kinds of Letters : Letters are of various kinds, the most important of which may be generally classified as follows :

1. Formal
(a) Official Letters
(i) Letters to School/College Principal
(ii) Letters of complaints or requests
(iii) Letters in response to advertisement
(iv) Letters to Editor
(b) Business Letters

2. Informal (Personal Letters)
(i) Letters to the Parents
(ii) Letters of the relatives
(iii) Letters to the friends

It is true, letters are of various kinds, but there is a fixed form of framework for most kinds of letters which is strictly followed by every letter-writer.

Examples –

1. Write a letter to your friend who has failed in the Matriculation Examination, encouraging him to try again.

364 – L, Model Town,
Delhi – 110009
February 4, 2012

Dear Jai,
I feel very sad to learn about your failure in the Matriculation Examination. It is more painful to hear that you have taken it to heart. You should know that an examination is not the real test of one’s intelligence. We have been talking much about reform in the educational system. But, we have not been able to do anything worth while in this respect.
Moreover, success and failure are the two aspects of life. The result is in the hands of God. So, continue your efforts. You will definitely get through this time.

Yours sincerely

2. Write a letter of apology to a friend whom you have offended by saying unkind things in a fit of anger.

201, Basant Avenue,
February 13th 2012

Dear Tom,
I know you must be angry with me. I am really sorry for what I said to you yesterday.
Do believe me, I could not control myself. I was already In a fit of anger. My elder brother had already scolded me over the subject. Your advice added fuel to the fire. I lost temper that everybody was putting blame upon me. Now that I am in a cool temper, I have realised that I must have listened calmly to you. You are very good at heart. I really feel guilty. I tender my unqualified apology. I am sure you will forgive me.
I aplogize to you once again.

Yours sincerely

3. Write a letter to your Mend congratulating him on winning a scholarship.

354, Bharat Nagar,
January 3, 2012

Dear Seema,
My joy knew no bounds to learn that you have won a scholarship in the Matriculation Examination. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your brilliant success.
It is good you have maintained your family tradition. You are in no way less intelligent than your elder brother and sister. You have brought a distinction to your school. I am very proud of having an intelligent friend like you.
Please convey my heartiest congratulations to your parents.


4. Write a letter to your friend inviting him to spend holidays on the hill-station with you.

472, A.B. Apartments,
January 12, 2012

Dear Siddharth,
It gives me pleasure to learn that your school will close on May 10 for the summer vacation. My parents have asked me to invite you to spend your holidays with us.
I cannot forget the heat of plains when we were studying together at Patiala. The moment my father was transferred, I had a desire to invite you at Shimla. It is, you know, the best hill-station. It has various picnic spots such as Jakhu, Prospects hill, Glenn, Chadwick Falls etc. When I go to school in the morning, you will study at home. After I return from school, we shall be going for outing. In the evening, we shall go to the Mall and return home late in the night.
Confirm your programme by return.


5. Your friend is in the hospital after meeting with an accident. Write a letter expressing your concern.

Sarkar Vihar, Ludhiana
February 23, 2012

My Dear Salu,
I feel very much disturbed to leam that you have met with an accident while returning from school. It was by chance that I met your elder brother who told me that you were rushed to the hospital. He being in a hurry, did not give any details.
I have the last paper tomorrow. So, I shall visit you after two days. Please keep up spirits. It is by strong will power that one can endure such a painful experience.
Meanwhile, I pray to God for your early recovery.

6. Write a letter to your friend describing a visit to places of historical interest.

203, Central Lane,
August 17, 2011

Dear Shweta,
It is only yesterday that we returned from tour. We enjoyed this tour very much.
The Taj at Agra is really a dream in marble. We visited it on the full moon. We had heard that its beauty on the moonlit night in November is very enchanting.
From Agra, we drove to Fatehpur Sikri. It was built by Akbar. It has many historical buildings. The “Buland Darwaja” is the most attractive. It is made of sandstone. The tomb of Saint Chisti is another beautiful monument.
I missed you very much during the tour. 1 wish you had been with me.

7. Write a letter to your friend who intends to give up his studies and join as a clerk. Write to him advising against the step.
180, Karol Bagh,
August 3, 2011

My Dear Shakti,
I feel surprised and disappointed at the contents of your letter. How is it that you are leaving your studies to take up the Job of a clerk? Such a job is meant for persons of mediocre ability. But you are quite intelligent and talented. You have a brilliant
record of success. And you can maintain the same throughout. In case you Join service you will ruin your future.
I know well that your parents are not so well off. But, they wanted you to continue your studies. How is it that they have allowed you to leave your studies? If you permit me, I may write to them. But, in the mean time, you must not give up your studies.


8. Write a letter to your friend describing the happiest day of your life.
224, Jamat Lane,
April 3, 2012

Dear Vicky,
Last Sunday was the happiest day of my life. I had a flight in a helicopter. It fulfilled my long cherished desire. I simply wondered how the people in air might be feeling like. The personal experience gave me real satisfaction.
You know, my brother is working as an engineer at the Sahnewal aerodrome. He arranged for our flight over Ludhiana. I was wonder struck to find our house below look like a tiny spot. Men and women looked no bigger than small dots on land. Having an aerial view of our city gave me a great thrill.


9. Write a letter to your friend inviting him to the wedding of your sister.
37 – A, Kitchlu Nagar,
May 7, 2011

Dear Sekhar,
You will be glad to learn that the marriage of my sister, Reena, comes off on June 28, 2011. The bridegroom is an Inspector in the Central Excise and Customs. The marriage party will arrive at Ludhiana at 4 p.m. and leave the next day early in the morning.
I am inviting you not only on my behalf but also on behalf of my parents. They have asked that you could bring your sister also along with. You must reach here before the arrival of the marriage party. You will see many common friends also.
I hope you will not disappoint us.


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