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How to Answer Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers

You may wonder at times how some of your friends manage to breeze through interviews while you are baffled by some of the questions and don’t get hired. Interviews may seem to be the biggest hurdle to clear, despite you being the right fit for the job. Earlier employers used to put more emphasis on educational background, but with time the requirements have changed; employers look for communication skills, ability to perform the job, attitude etc along with your aptitude and knowledge. These questions help recruiters to place highly capable candidate.

Interviewers generally carry a set of questions that is being asked to most of the candidate. However, it depends on the position for which the interview is set.

Top 10 questions along with strategies to answer them that will help to grab the job:

1) Could you please tell me something about yourself?
This is mostly the first question an interviewer and begins the discussion with candidate. This is to assess your style of delivery to mention about yourself, how much you know about yourself and whether you are true in all information that you share.

Start with your professional career.
Mention your achievements.
Mention your academic achievement
Mention qualities which what distinguishes you from others.

Never start with your childhood stories,
Don’t mention your likes and dislikes.
Don’t criticize anyone.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

2) Why are you leaving your present job?
There can be many reason behind leaving your earlier job like- salary issues, performance issue, company closure etc. Whatever be your reason is, give the reason intelligently. If it was because of performance issue, then escape yourself by saying you ‘parted ways’ and how the current position can match your skill. If you are moving yourself to a new industry then give a reason for the move you are taking.

3) What are your greatest strengths?
When you face this question, summarize your answer with your work experience and achievements that are directly related to the responsibility you will be facing in the applied position.  However, you can approach the interviewer with these four skills: self initiative, self-motivation, ability to work in team and willingness to work for long hours.

4) What are your weaknesses?
Ans) Yes! This is somewhere you will be caught by the interviewer who would like to analyze you with the reply you will come up with. Never reveal your true weakness, but turn your weakness into professional strength. You can say that you are workaholic and keep yourself indulge into the project and remain for long hours keeping nothing else in the mind.

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5) Can you tell me about our company or industry?
Whenever you attend any interview make sure you do your homework well and gather information about the company. Visit the website of the company and read about their service and achievements. This question is asked just to know how much you are interested in joining the company.

6) What do you like most about your present job?
When you are answer question make sure you leverage more importance on your professional side, but not on the environment of the company. Mention how much you enjoyed working with team on projects. Your answer should indicate how well you performed in the project and what you achieved with it.

7) Don’t you feel you are overqualified for this job position?
Most of the time candidates reply back with ‘yes’ which gives a signal of growing dissatisfaction with the company in future.  So just focus your answer with experience and skills you’ll be bringing to the position.

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8) What makes you different from other candidates?
Generally, this question is asked to know your ability to take up the position and your fitness for the job. So you can set yourself different by describing your experience, your achievements and asset that makes you different from other candidates.

9) Where do you see in next 3 yrs?
This question is generally asked to fresher and they come up with some strange answers. So talk about your motivation and makes you keep going in the job that will eventually lead you to achieve your goal.

10) Do you want ask anything related to your position or company?
This is the time you can clear all your doubts about your position that you will be given. The two way communication is the best way to build rapport with the interviewer. So prepare yourself with some key question.

Keep positive attitude towards the interview session and more importantly be prepared and confident for the session to get the best result at the end.

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Updated: October 13, 2016 — 9:54 pm

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