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10 Most Common Bank PO Interview Questions And Answers

Candidates who want to appear for bank PO exams generally have to go through and pass 3 rounds of process
• A general screening process,
• Written Test and
• Subsequent round of face-to-face interview

After passing the written test candidates are called for a final interview. The interviewer generally questions the candidates so as to gain knowledge about his/her family/academic background, the soundness of his/her basic knowledge in the banking field, his/her attitude/behaviour, whether he/she will be suitable for the job position. The interview is also a process to give the candidate a general overview about the job vacancy and its requirement.

The candidate needs to speak with confidence and ease and tackle the numerous questions of the interviewer. In order to make the interview process for bank PO candidates more easy listed below is a set of generic questions and answers . Though predicting the exact set of questions is not possible, the below mentioned topics will surely be asked during an interview.

1. Tell us about Yourself
A) This is the most common question that is asked, where you need to specify your family background , schooling, education etc. A short introduction about your family, then moving on to your academic background and subsequently skills, achievements, projects will suffice in this regard.

2. Why do you want to Join this Bank?
A) This is another question where the employer decides if they can hire you or not. Before going in for the interview, surfing through the bank’s site and its products will give one a fair understanding of it’s business and this will help one in framing the best answer.

3. Questions regarding Banking Terms
A) Having a good amount of knowledge of the common banking terms is very important while attending the interview. These terms could include your knowledge about demand deposits, fixed time deposits, privatization of banks and many others.

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4. Preparation about Current Affairs
A) It is important to know about the latest news that is happening in your organization and the related banks. These questions could also involve home loan interests and policies related to the bank, current repo rate etc.

5. Tell me about your state
A) The important thing that you must know about this question are the names of the present Chief Minister, the Population of the area, some popular things that are going on and the districts that are well known Newspapers and news channels will be an invaluable source of information in this regard.
Also the applicants need to possess proficiency in local language which may be a prerequisite for the job.

6.What are your Strengths and Weakness?
A) This is a rather tricky question. Giving away too much of strengths and no weakness could indicate that you have attitude issues. Talking about your weaknesses could also be a bad sign. So it is important to turn your weakness to your strengths without having a negative impact about them.

8. How can you be useful to our bank?
A) Understanding the job profile and framing the answer accordingly will be the proper thing to do.

9. Why Bank Job?
A) If a candidate is an Engineer /MBA the below questions are obvious.
• Don’t you think you are overqualified for this job?
• Why are you applying for a bank job with technical degree
One need to put up with a really convincing answer in this regard.

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10. Can you work under pressure?
A) A rather tricky question which needs to be handled sensibly. Saying no will definitely be a problem !

Last but not the least a decent attire, clean and tidy appearance is one of the things a interviewer will definitely look forward in the ideal candidate. So proper and tidy dress code is a must. Good Luck !

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Updated: May 19, 2015 — 4:37 pm

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