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10 Most Common Bank Clerk Interview Questions And Answers

1. Tell me something about yourself?
Introduce Yourself?
Ans) The most common interview question in Banking Interview & the most critical too. Remember, here an interviewer wants to know more about the candidate so just discuss your qualifications, work experience (if any) hobbies and strengths. Emphasize on your strengths and hide your weakness. No need to discuss about your family background as here there is no need to talk about your family, as this question will be shot separately, if they wish to enquire about your family Background.

2. Do you find yourself overqualified for this job?
Ans) This is a common query since a person applying for the post of Clerk will be a Graduate and can apply for the post of PO as well, then why a clerk job. One of the motive behind this question is to check whether candidate is genuinely interested to join Banking industry and does he/she understands the importance of this job. Try explaining them importance of this job and your willingness to join a Bank and pursue long- term career. If your are a Management graduate or an Engineer try to justify why not private job and why a government job. You can talk about contingencies attached with a private job here.

3. What are your strength and weakness?
Ans) This is a tricky common question, most of the interviewers decide to hire or reject a candidate mainly on the basis of how this is answered. When you talk about your strength it means something that’s within you like your hard- working nature, confidence. Most of the candidates commit mistake my addressing their Family as their strength. Remember , its not your strength as its not something inherent.

Be very careful while talking about your weakness and present it it such a way that it appears to be your strength . For example answers like I am workaholic, talkative etc will form a good impression in the mind of an interviewer.

4. What are the common functions of a Bank?
Ans) A bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits and grants loans.
Functions of a Bank

  1. Accepting Deposits
  2. Granting Loans and Advances
  3. Issuing Cheques, drafts ,Letter of Credit, Fund transfers etc.
  4. Portfolio Management & Foreign Exchange Management.
  5. Locker Facility, Underwriting of Shares.
  6.  Issuing Guarantees.

5. Why you want to join Banking Sector?
Ans) This is the most frequently asked question. Say that Bank/ PSU is the safest place. This profession is considered to be safest, of high repute with ample of opportunities to grow.

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6.Tell us about your home city / home state?
Ans) Prepare well for this question . You should know famous places, monuments, tourist spots, why your city and state  are famous.

7. What are today’s Newspaper Headline?
Ans) If you read Newpaper daily , you would be able to answer it easily. If you don’t read Newspaper make sure before going to an interview you prepare for current news and happenings of last month.

8.What if we post you in Rural Branch?
Ans) State your willingness to work in any part of the country as per your Bank’s requirement.

9. What is RBI?
Ans) Reserve Bank of India is the Central Bank of India. If formulates monetary policy and controls the money supply in the economy.

10. What are roles and responsibilities of a Bank Clerk?
Ans) Time to Time as per Bank’s discretion clerks are required to execute their duties. Some of them are –
1. Receipt and Payment ,Entering all the vouchers in the system. Tallying Cash.
2. Issuing Demand Drafts.
3. Cross – Selling.

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Updated: September 8, 2014 — 11:31 am

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